Mission: To provide biostatistics analytical support to medical research.

Primary area of expertise: The prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease by developing risk assessment models to help physicians identify candidates for preventive treatment.

KenAnCo provides part time, temporary, faculty-level, biostatistics analytical services responsive to guidance provided by medical research investigators. KenAnCo's niche is serving clients who want an expedient and efficient alternative to hiring a biostatistician employee. With KenAnCo there is no need to post an opening, recruit candidates, interview them, hire a qualified candidate (if there is one),pay them for time devoted to in-processing, orientation, attending faculty meetings etc., and then try to assure them job security by generating more work than they were initially hired to do. KenAnCo is set up to facilitate reaching an agreement to provide specific services for a specific, limited-duration project such as developing methods and results for a manuscript. Typically KenAnCo bills monthly for the time actually spent on the project or the amount pre-authorized by the client, whichever is less. All services specified in the agreement will be completed to the client's satisfaction.

KenAnCo charges for the time the lead analyst spends doing "real work" for the client. "Real work" is defined as analyzing and describing methods and results. KenAnCo possesses a variety of SAS macros which enable us to efficiently and accurately produce tables which can be quickly inserted into draft manuscripts so "real work" is done efficiently. Clients are not charged for development of macros. Much of the time spent communicating with the client such as defining or redefining the analysis plan is not included in "real work". Limited power/sample size analyses for a grant proposal including a KenAnCo analyst may be provided for free.

Per day rates are available at a substantial discount for research universities and foundations.

Clients may provide data for analysis or KenAnCo may help clients obtain existing data suitable to meet their requirements. For example, KenAnCo has downloaded a portion of the publicly available National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

KenAnCo is affiliated with a number of research physicians, epidemiologists, and statisticians who may join projects at the client's discretion.

To request a proposal or ask any other questions contact Ken Williams, (210)274-8139.

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